Aviation Failure Analysis 


DVI Forensic Labs provides high quality experimental and developmental testing for the aviation industry. DVI Forensic Labs works with the client to customize specific testing that suits the client’s individual needs and goals. With the help of our technicians and scientists, clients achieve total solutions to their problems. We provide cost effective solutions for the aerospace industry.


Our aviation investigation, analysis and testing capabilities are supported by a machine shop, a metallurgical lab, an experimental test lab, and a photo, video and animation lab. DVI Forensic Labs also offers a very convenient aircraft wreckage recovery service, which includes secure warehouse storage, and a clean, organized and climate-controlled reconstruction facility.  We can provide detailed analysis on the operation all aircraft accessories and components, including: Crankshafts, Camshafts, Vacuum Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Fasteners, Gears, Alternators, Starters, Magnetos, Brakes, Fuel Additives, Oils, Carburetors, Fuel Injectors, Engines, and Helicopter Parts.  

DVI Forensic Lab Aviation Services Include:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Metallographic Analysis
  • Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Field Inspections
  • Multi-party Inspection Facilities 
  • Component Inspections
  • Magneto, Generator, Alternator, Spark Plug and Carburetor Testing
  • Engine Teardown and Inspection
  • Flight Testing
  • Product Design Analysis 
  • Tribology and Wear Testing 
  • Lubricant & Fuel Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Microscopy
  • Photo Documentation
  • Site Surveys
  • Animations, Simulations, and Videography.