3D Laser Scanning

DVI’s Accident Reconstruction Experts use state-of-the-art laser scanning equipment and drone photogrammetry platforms to provide a new perspective in preserving and analyzing complex sites and incident scenes. With conventional techniques it is necessary to make subjective judgments about what information should be recorded at the scene. By using a 3Dimensional laser scanner a more objective approach is used– everything within line of sight of the laser is captured. By repeating the scan from additional positions and then merging the resulting data, a comprehensive 3Dimensional model of the scene is created. This provides investigators with the ability to “revisit” the original scene for further spatial analysis or to collect additional data via their computer screen. Plus, this data can be accurately merged with any initial scene survey data captured. The images generated by the laser scanning, also provides irrefutable demonstrative evidence that can be used at trial or mediation.

DVI has partnered with TruePoint to provide comprehensive nationwide coverage for all of DVI's 3D laser scanning and drone photogrammetry services.  TruePoint's mission is to provide the best-in-class 3D laser scanning and drone photogrammetry services, capturing unbiased data for accident investigations. Their expert project managers, engineers and CAD technicians are ready to serve your needs in an accurate and efficient manner. Opposing parties can be assured that subject/exemplar data and evidence will be collected, documented, and shared in a manner consistent with ASTM standards and industry best practices.

TruePoint Laser Scanning experts use industry-leading Leica laser scanners to collect up to 2 million measurement points per second with 2-4 mm accuracy at a range of up to 270 meters for each scan taken.  This technique is ideal for documenting runway, taxi and roadway layouts, flight path obstructions, accident scenes, and wreckage layouts. 

TruePoint uses drone photogrammetry to improve the process of accident investigation. TruePoint has optimized a workflow to ensure that HD video and HD photos are quickly and accurately collected. The resulting images and maps of the scene, along with accurate distance and angle measurements are important for the reconstructionist or the forensic specialist. Viewpoints can be changed to any location within the scene. TruePoint can construct customized deliverables, such as 2D orthoimages or fly-through videos for evidence in court.

 TruePoint 3D Laser Scanning Services for accident investigations include:


  • Point Clouds
  • 2D CAD Drawings
  • 3D Models
  • 2D Orthoimages
  • HD Video Documentation
  • HD Photo Documentation
  • 360° Panoramas
  • Flythrough Videos
  • Drone Photogrammetry